What Makes Us Different?

We have a long-term perspective

Our investment philosophy is not based upon attaining a targeted IRR within a 3-5 year time horizon. We understand the complexities of growing a business. We are more patient than most financial investors and seek to create long term growth in value.

We are investors and operators

We are a holding company for other successful operating companies. Each of our senior executives has significant experience running a business. Our model is to provide an appropriate level of support and resources to our management teams to help them grow and develop their businesses.

Our capital is provided by a single source

All of the capital used to make our investments is provided by the Duchossois family. Decision making is fast and flexible. We can tailor an investment to meet a company’s needs and objectives.

We understand family-owned businesses

As a third generation family business, we understand the unique issues that surround a family business, and we have the expertise and ability to customize our approach to respond to a seller’s specific needs.

We offer a great environment for management teams

Management teams will share financially in the growth and success of their business while being a part of a larger family of companies. We provide significant financial and human resources along with a high level of managerial autonomy. We are committed to the personal growth of our people. We have fun!

To Whom is the “TDG Difference” Likely to Matter?

  • Family owned businesses with unique cultural, tax, estate or structural issues
  • Independent management groups desiring patient capital for a New concept
  • Existing companies whose management teams are seeking capital or a liquidity event, but not a loss of control or autonomy
  • Private company owners interested in maintaining some equity following a transaction
  • Management teams needing the resources and support to take their businesses to the next level without a requirement to focus on the “exit strategy”